A unique exhibition, Lincoln was taken this past Summer with the beauty and stature of four White Shire horses located at Dune Alpin Farm in East Hampton. Rescued by Mary Lou Kaler who found them malnourished and neglected. Hoping to drive awareness of these White Shires who are in need of shelter and medical care, Lincoln’s aim with the body of work is to provide funds for these needs through proceeds of print sales and donations. Click here to view and purchase prints or donate directly to Equine Rehabilitatoin Foundation.



In collaboration with Saks and Finn 2 Finn Alliance, Lincoln Pilcher photographed a body of work surrounding some of the horses available for adoption located at the ReRun barn in upstate New York. To view and purchase prints or donate click here.

Finn2Finn Alliance

In 2018 Lincoln became board member of Finn2Finn alliance, animal welfare alalalalalalalalalalala for more information click here.